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Fresh-spicy and male-distinctive fragrance, reminding of a late-summer forest walk before the sunset. The last beams of sunlight gleam warmly through the canopy of leaves. Earth exudes it’s fragrance and the wind carries the flavor of grasses and lavender by.

The fragrance for balanced men!

The Fragrance of our products has the following ingredients in the Echtness Man pheromones mixture

(Ingredients of the pheromones perfume: Aqua, cedar, musk, lavender, grass, green apple, pheromones)


Water is the element of all life and we need it every day. The elemental force water covers more than 70% of Earth. Our body consists of about 70% of water. For our Echtness Man we use seawater from the ocean which gives to our pheromones mixture a touch of freshness, airiness filled with harmony and revitalization. It activates both, spirit and body, and provides our Echtness pheromone perfume with a distinctive accent. 


Precious wood –it is perfect for our pheromone mixture! This is a kind of pinewood, a conifer wood with fruits (cones). The ethereal oil extracted from cedar wood appeals with its fragrance, a strong herbal wood odor, and adds an incommensurable fragrance to our pheromones product.  Hildegard von Bingen already knew that the secret feature of cedar wood lies in strengthening internal balance and caring for clarity and harmony.  She pickled the ends of cedar cones with honey and used them for all kinds of beneficial purposes. The users of our pheromone mixture will also benefit from these positive influences.


 During the last century musk deer let their lives for real musk in perfume. The secretion of the killed musk deer was taken from its genital gland, in order to use it for the production of pheromone perfumes or other pheromone products. Luckily, these times are over, as in 1888 the chemist Albert Bauer succeeded in producing musk artificially (syntactical musk). For our perfume no animals need to be killed which also contributes to the success of our pheromone mixture Echtness.


A captivating odor, which should not be missing in our pheromone product. Lavender (Lavendula) has developed its great power since the Middle Ages. Hildegard von Bingen, too, achieved unbelievable successes with her lavender purgation masks. In France, lavender has been used for perfume production already since 13th century. The odor of lavender is fresh and aromatic. Used for innumerable further appliances in cosmetics and health, lavender is also called “all-rounder”. This given, it is obvious that we cannot deprive pheromone users of it and hence included it in our Echtness product.


 An odor of freshly cut grass, wideness, lightness and freshness of nature.  With various grasse, which we use for our pheromone product, we have created a fragrance with that will excite our pheromone users.

 Green apple:

 A healthy and paradisial fruit which not only looks beautiful, but also spreads a sparkling exhilarant fragrance. It suits the pheromones in our Echtness perfume perfectly.


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