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Bloomy, warm, expressive and a full of character fragrance for the up-to-date woman! The fragrance reminds you of the first blossom flowers and bushes in spring, the awaking of nature after a long winter.

This fragrance embodies the whole femininity! 

The fragrance of our products consists of the following ingredients in Echtness Woman pheromones mixture

(Ingredients of pheromone perfume: Aqua, bergamot, cedar, warm spices and pheromone)


 Water is the element of all life and we need it every day. The elemental force water covers more than 70% of Earth. Our body consists of about 70% of water. For our Echtness Man we use seawater from the ocean which gives to our pheromones mixture a touch of freshness, airiness filled with harmony and revitalization. It activates both, spirit and body, and provides our Echtness pheromone perfume with a distinctive accent. 


 Hailing from the subtropics this citrus tree offers meticulous options for appliance, e.g. for our perfume Echtness. Bergamot comprises relaxing and healing features, as well as awonderful citrus fragrance. This perfectly meets our pheromens.


 Precious wood – it is perfect for our pheromone mixture! This is a kind of pinewood, a conifer wood with fruits (cones). The ethereal oil extracted from this cedar wood appeals with its fragrance, a strong herbal wood odor, and adds an incommensurable fragrance to our pheromones product.  Hildegard von Bingen already knew that the secret feature of cedar wood lies in strengthening internal balance and caring for clarity and harmony.  She pickled the ends of cedar cones with honey and used them for all kinds of beneficial purposes. The users of our pheromone mixture will also benefit from these positive influences.

 Warm spices:

 They can be found not only in the 5 elements alimentation, but also in our Echtness perfume. Some spices can be classified according to their warming or cooling characteristics. Not only the effect, but also the fragrance of the fresh spices is captivating. Warm spices can also gleam contemplativeness and warming attraction. It is certainly known to you that our Echtness is a product with a small trick.


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